European Yoga Association Activities


In April, 2009 at the invitation of Dragan Loncar, director of Vidya Yoga School Carlos Miguel Perez gave a weekend seminar on ’Yoga and Kinesiology’’ for the participants of yoga instructors training course in Vidya Yoga School, in Belgrade. Future yoga instructors had a chance to learn about all possible ways the knowledge of the applied kinestesiology can help in their approaching work as yoga instuctors.

On June, 3rd, 2010. at the invitation of Vidya Yoga Center, and under the organization of „ Stari Grad“ Health Center, Belgrade, Karlos Miguel Perez, president of the European Yoga Assocoation as well as Yoga Acharia, held the introductory lecture on ‘’Yoga Theraphy and the Applied Kinesiology’. It took place in the assembly hall of „Stari Grad“ community in Belgrade. That was an offical announcement about the seminar which took place two days after, on 5th and 6th, June, at the „Zira“ hotel, under the organization of Vidya Yoga School and Life Center, Belgrade. There, Carlos Miguel Perez, president of the European Yoga Association gave a seminar on „Yoga and the Applied Kinesiology“. Over 60 people attended the seminar.The participants were all given the European Yoga Association Certificates as well as Vidya Yoga School certicates of attending and completing the first Yoga and Applied Kinesiology Module.

During his stay, Carlos Miguel Peres appeared on two highly rated television stations in Serbia where he introduced the practical valus of the applied kinesthesiology to the audience